Comment 130 for bug 1308105

I have an ASUS Z170M-Plus Mobo with an Intel Core i3-6100T, Intel HD 530 graphics and a Samsung TV connected through HDMI, running Mythbuntu 16.04.

I had the issue that when I turned the TV off and then back on again, the TV would say "No Signal" and I would have to run
$ sudo service lightdm restart
to get it to work again.

Based on Alexandre's comment #128, I installed xfce-settings 4.12.1 from here:
and installed it on my Mythbuntu 16.04 installation. To my surprise, I didn't have any dependency issues, it all applied without problems and now the problem seems fixed! I can turn the TV off and on again and the picture comes back as expected.

Great work all in getting this sorted.