Comment 7 for bug 1241895

I seem to suffer from this bug, except in a different way - and the workaround doesn't work for me. I started using XFCE a few weeks ago and initially I had a single-monitor setup and everything was fine. Then, through xrandr (using the arandr GUI tool), I expanded my desktop to cover the second monitor that I have hooked up, everything was still fine and the workspace switcher reflected that change.

However when I now run an xrandr command to switch back to single-monitor, the workspace switcher doesn't update and keeps taking up space as though I have a dual-monitor setup. Running 'xfce4-panel -r', removing and re-adding the workspace switcher applet, restarting my XFCE session, or using the display settings application to fiddle with things (toggling my 2nd monitor to see if it would case everything to go back to normal) doesn't seem to help either. I've gone over all the settings under the settings editor to see if anything was left behind there but couldn't find anything wrong there either.

So now I'm wondering; is what I'm having the same as this bug, but manifesting in a different way, or should I file a separate bug report for this?