Comment 218 for bug 317094

Bryce Harrington (bryce) wrote :

Thanks everyone who has posted to this bug report.

I acknowledge that calibration with evtouch is an unsolved problem. However, in Ubuntu we are planning to deprecate the -evtouch driver, as it is not well maintained upstream and long term plans are for -evdev to supplant its need (in the shorter term -wacom may be another option to consider). So I am closing this bug as a WONTFIX for Ubuntu; if people still wish to improve -evtouch I would encourage going upstream.

It's worth mentioning as well that Ubuntu no longer uses HAL. I suppose the data collected in this bug could be converted from HAL format to another form, but even looking through the files it's unclear that lshal output alone is sufficient to fix the calibration of the devices. So if the calibration issues still exist with -evdev or -wacom, those would need to be reported separately and with different data than what is provided here.

Aside from that, the quantity of attachments included in this bug report is causing Launchpad to oops on this bug, including scripts that we use for automated bug handling. I've spoken with Launchpad developers about this oops, but solving it is pretty intricate and not something that can be easily done.