Comment 32 for bug 111061

> It would be possible to code around each theme engine, at least if we have a
> list of them, but that would require more patience than I have. Perhaps the
> Right Way to Do It (tm) would be to standardize the color settings for GTK.

Yeah. I talked to Havoc Pennington today (, and he said it's basically impossible to do what I'm trying to do, since every GTK engine has its own painting code, and can use the colors however it wants. Most seem to use the colors in the same way, so the script gives decent results, but not for all cases. If we needed to, we could probably make it work by writing separate mappings for each engine, though I don't really want to do it. :) It could at least be considered a Clearlooks scraper, as is. I posted screenshots of some of the results:

> Bundling specially-crafted Windows themes alongside system themes. ...
> and actually take advantage of the (mostly) working parts of
> Wine's theming engine.

So this will be actual themes (msstyle files), and not just colors? That sounds like a great halfway solution until real theming works (although requiring more manual labor). Also it wouldn't handle user-customized colors, so we might merge these two efforts somehow.

> Endolith, can you use that script of yours to scrape the gnome settings from
> gconf, gtkrc, and perhaps other obvious places and save a .theme file, at
> least as a "wag and a poke" themer?

All it does is copy the colors from actual GTK elements. It won't copy other aspects of the GTK theme that would be useful in an msstyle file.

Note that we should make the fonts the same, too, and I'm not sure how to set those except for the ones included in the winecfg utility Desktop Integration tab.

> BTW, seems like it would be pretty simple to create a Wine Color Chooser
> similar to Gnome Color Chooser that creates the Wine theme file. Maybe we
> could even add a checkbox to Gnome Color Chooser to make the wine theme. But
> writing a new program we should probably leave to another day. :-)

All of the wine colors are already settable in winecfg. Do you mean something else?