Comment 8 for bug 336396

Jamie Strandboge (jdstrand) wrote :

Rhonda, no one is criticizing your work. To the contrary, you have done great work with this. The aforementioned testing is needed to be done on Ubuntu because Ubuntu != Debian. Granted, it will most likely work ok but there have been quite a few times when a tested Debian patch didn't work properly on Ubuntu, due to different versions.

The Ubuntu Security team does not have the resources to patch and test software in universe and multiverse and relies on MOTU Swat and people from the community to maintain this software. I apologize for the delays and am working to get these fixes into Ubuntu.

As for Intrepid, please patch the current version as released in Ubuntu, and add a note to the SRU bug for the -proposed package saying it has to be updated to incorporate these security fixes. Please use a version higher than that in -proposed, following the guidelines in