Comment 1 for bug 1761289

Marc Deslauriers (mdeslaur) wrote :

From irc discussion:

<jbicha> 1. we need to do a deja dup update (so -security I believe) LP: #1751460
<jbicha> 2. once the brotli and woff2 MIRs are approved, I'd like to backport those to xenial. Until that's done we'll have a regression in supporting that font format
<jbicha> 3. I finally got the useragent hack working correctly so you'll need to update your branch for that
<jbicha> not really a big issue, but bionic's webkit will be built with gstreamergl support but because that requires gstreamer 1.14, we can't do that on xenial
<jbicha> (gstreamergl was in the universe package until upstream moved it in 1.14)