Comment 13 for bug 42553

I took a look at duplicates, and only found the following worth mentioning.
Recopying an interesting comment from: at the end of bug #63862:
I am going to be a bit brave here and reject this, since it seems to be an intentional decision by the Xorg team. If the inclusion is causing a specific problem, then you should file a bug about the problem. Feel free to reopen this if I am incorrect in my reasoning.
Unfortunately, the underlying cause of all of this is that xorg.conf just doesn't work well with hotplugging, and the configuration system of Xorg will eventually need to be redone entirely, which will fix all problems of this sort.
That said, I have not found any clue of the existence of an Xorg team.
And if such a thing exist, it should probably be added to:

Maybe there is no (easy) way to detect these wacom devices, so that the only way is to make them appears in everyone xorg.conf. Is it the case?
It's seems the default xorg.conf file to be for RS-232 wacom's devices (opposed to USB one). suggest some way to detect the wacom devices:
On newer 2.6 systems, more /proc/bus/input/devices gives you
[jej@ayukawa wacom]$more /proc/bus/input/devices
I: Bus=0003 Vendor=056a Product=0042 Version=1.15
N: Name="Wacom Intuos2 6x8"
... where Vendor=056a indicates a Wacom device.

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