Comment 2 for bug 864609

Some additional details about this bug:

I run "strace -o trace.out -f xfce4-terminal" and found the following:

6828 execve("/usr/lib/vte/gnome-pty-helper", ["gnome-pty-helper"], [/* 54 vars */]) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)

On my system "locate gnome-pty-helper" tells me the following:


Thus the path of gnome-pty-helper is wrong somewhere.

I also tried "strace -o trace.out -f gnome-terminal" for comparison. In that case the path of gnome-pty-helper is correct:

9000 execve("/usr/lib/libvte2-90/gnome-pty-helper", ["gnome-pty-helper"], [/* 50 vars */]) = 0