Comment 57 for bug 78282

Isaac Salsberg (isalsberg) wrote :

There are 3 things that have to be fixed in order to make vnc4server work.

The first two are options needed to start vnc4server

1. Fix the font path used with -fp option.
     The -fp option with the right path in Feisty is:

    -fp /usr/share/fonts/X11/misc

2. Add "-extension XFIXES" option

    -extension XFIXES

3. The 3rd one is to allow multiple logins for a single user.

    To do so, open Applications -> Settings -> Login Window

     Then Uncheck the option on the General tab that says:
     "disable multiple logins for a single user".

If you are starting the vnc server from the command line you can just add the -fp and the -extension options with the right values mentioned in steps 1 and 2.

If you are using xinetd to start the vnc server the server_args in the Xvnc file under
 /etc/xinetd.d should be a SINGLE line like this (unfortunately the line was split in my previous post because of the cut and paste):

                server_args = -inetd :1 -query localhost -geometry 1280x800 -depth 16 -fp /usr/share/fonts/X11/misc -DisconnectClients=0 -NeverShared passwordFile=/root/.vncpasswd -extension XFIXES