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Bug #1037607: vmbuilder completely fails on Quantal due to kernel pae detection failure Low Triaged 256 weeks

From: Brian Candler

Slightly cleaner way to handle dirty hack

Bug #918543: vbox build fails with NameMapper.NotFound: cannot find 'mac' Medium Confirmed 388 weeks

From: j^
Link: vmbuilder_vbox.patch


Bug #854779: change behavior on ubuntu with proxy apt Low Confirmed 405 weeks

From: Guilhem Lettron
Link: proxy.patch


Bug #677378: TypeError: deploy() takes exactly 1 argument (2 given) Low Confirmed 424 weeks

From: tanktarta
Link: vbox-vm-patch.txt

Corrected virtualbox patch

Bug #378639: firstlogin script can't be executed because the permission of /root directory is 0700 in the virtual machine created by python-vm-builder Low Triaged 447 weeks

From: MURAOKA Yusuke
Link: firstloginrc.tmpl.patch

Override the firstloginrc itself when first-login suceeded.

Bug #654656: ubuntu-vm-builder in maverick does not build maverick VMs Undecided New 450 weeks

From: Pantelis Koukousoulas
Link: maverick_support.patch

patch to allow building also maverick images

Bug #556167: vmbuilder uses parted to create disk images, which leads to broken sector counts (cannot use grub2 on disk images created by vmbuilder/parted) Medium Confirmed 481 weeks

From: Kees Cook
Link: embedding-area-hack.patch


Bug #509609: grub2 support for guests >= karmic Wishlist Triaged 492 weeks

From: Loïc Minier
Link: grub2-vmbuilder.patch

Initial work by cjwatson

Bug #257090: No option to specify bridged interfaces Wishlist New 567 weeks

From: Bryan McLellan
Link: bridged-networks.patch


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