Comment 4 for bug 517067

On Fri, 5 Feb 2010, Andreas Ntaflos wrote:

> So I don't think that is the problem here, but I will try again. Thanks
> for the comment, again!

I think if you look inside your guest image you will see 'sdaX' in
/etc/fstab. Disks that are presented to the booted system as virtio will
be named 'vdX'. The discs didn't disappear, they're named differently
than your /etc/fstab, so they're (correctly) not mounted.

mount the guest image loopback, change sd -> vd and i think you'll boot
happily. Alternatively, i think you can open up
'./VMBuilder/plugins/ubuntu/' and hack in:
- disk_prefix = 'sd'
+ disk_prefix = 'vd'

The bug could be considered to be in 1 of 2 places:
a.) vmbuilder: its 'install_fstab' routines only ever receive 'sd' for
their self.disk_prefix'
b.) linux/udev : you could suggest that the vdX devices should be
symlinked or other to sdX so that your fstab finds the devices independent
of how they're connected.