Activity log for bug #402018

Date Who What changed Old value New value Message
2009-07-21 02:32:41 Julian Lam bug added bug
2009-07-21 02:32:41 Julian Lam attachment added Dependencies.txt
2009-08-26 03:18:21 Daniel T Chen vlc (Ubuntu): status New Incomplete
2009-09-03 18:18:31 El Toozero vlc (Ubuntu): status Incomplete New
2009-10-06 05:46:08 Reinhard Tartler summary [i855] Choppy audio playback Please install and use the pulseaudio output plugin by default
2009-10-06 05:46:23 Reinhard Tartler vlc (Ubuntu): importance Undecided High
2009-10-06 05:46:23 Reinhard Tartler vlc (Ubuntu): status New Triaged
2009-10-13 08:37:42 Reinhard Tartler vlc (Ubuntu): status Triaged In Progress
2009-10-19 20:30:14 Launchpad Janitor vlc (Ubuntu): status In Progress Fix Released
2009-11-09 08:51:06 Xaignar removed subscriber Xaignar
2009-11-09 10:39:45 Przemysław Kochański removed subscriber Przemysław Kochański
2010-01-08 15:30:45 Launchpad Janitor branch linked lp:ubuntu/vlc