Comment 2 for bug 883222

Bernie Bernstein (bernie9998) wrote :

I am having particular trouble with this bug for a number of reasons:

1-- I have attempted to disable this service in 3 different ways, and yet this bug still keeps popping up on me-- I've tried disabling the nepomuk search module from the kde services config module, then tried disabling indexing from the nepomuk file indexing controller, and finally disabling from the desktop search config module. Despite all this, nepomuk still starts up and kills all of my hard disk space.

2-- I have encrypted home directories enabled on my system, and after this issue occurs, my system becomes completely unusable. Not only can I not login from the X console, but my text console gets completely swamped with ecryptfs kernel messages, making them unusable.

This has become far more than just a mere annoyance.