Comment 2 for bug 1169243

After virtuoso-t running below my desktop without downtime for more than 24 hours it starts consuming 3 to 4 times more memroy. (from 50mB now after 32 hours now at 190mB)

Before it ran up to 517mB of memory after no downtime for a few days. Is this still not fixed?

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. start kubuntu desktop with KDE 4.8.9 from the Beta Kubuntu PPA
2. check memory usage of the process virtuoso-t and leave your system running for more than 24h
3. check memory usage again :-(

Seems like virtuoso-t is still leaking.

thx for reading,

Actual Results:
Memory usage at least triples within 24h

Expected Results:
memory usage should stay near to equal during long uptimes