Comment 15 for bug 975165

Tom Vaughan (tvaughan) wrote :

I don't know. The problem seems to be with virt-viewer. The workaround is to edit the virtual machine's XML definition in /etc/libvrit/qemu. According to `dpkg -S` that's owned by libvirt-bin.

Perhaps we could add a "Common Problems and Workarounds" section to this wiki: A google search for "qemu kvm spice blank screen" doesn't turn up anything we could edit, including the virt-manager wiki. Which means anything we do may not be seen by anyone.

The right long-term solution seems to make virt-viwer switch to kvm-spice automatically when SPICE is chosen, and make the virt-viewer package depend on qemu-kvm-spice as long as it offers SPICE as a valid option.