Comment 3 for bug 113227

Adam Lazur <email address hidden> wrote:

> Morten Bo Johansen (<email address hidden>) said:
> > This is basically a follow-up to #188202.

> > As of 4.0.1-3 this issue is still unresolved here at my end, in that
> > mouse clicks in apps such as mc, elinks etc. don't work inside of screen.

> > This applies both to console mode and in rxvt.

> I have no problem with passing mouse clicks to screen in links and
> elinks when running withing either rxvt or xterm on my system. This is
> with screen 4.0.2-2.

Hi Adam,

Here is a small outline of some cases where it works and where it
doesn't. Legend: "+": works, "-": doesn't work

Application Screen/Console Screen/XFree86/Rxvt Console XFree86/Rxvt

Lynx - - - +
Elinks - + + +
W3m - - + +
Jed - - + +
Mc - - + +
Slrn - - - +

As you can see "nothing works" with screen on the console and only
with elinks in an rxvt.

> It doesn't work on the console with gpm, but I've never seen it work on
> the Linux console (not to say that I've tried all that frequently).

Should it be any different from ordinary console behaviour in this
respect? Jed, mc and elinks actually do provide mouse support on the
console (Lynx could be made to, if one recompiles ncurses with support
for mouse events and then compiles Lynx against it) so I think it ought
to work in screen too..?

Screen version: 4.00.02 (FAU) 5-Dec-03
$TERM inside screen: "screen-bce"
$TERM outside screen/console: "linux"
$TERM outside screen/rxvt: xterm-xfree86

I am available for more info and debugging if you need it.