Comment 23 for bug 1722313

Joy Latten (j-latten) wrote :

Update on Artful regression analysis from comment #22.

1. Same as in comment #22. Hopefully these can be ignored as they were for xenial.

2. Same as in comment #22. tests passed in different runs as stated above. When the failures occurred, was because of time outs while waiting for something. Failures appear to be intermittent and not related to change made here.

3. gnocchi - appear to be a testcase usage message from python. Not related to change made in this bug.

4. libdata-uuid-libuuid-perl (s390x) Julian did a test here using hello and prior version of util-linux and they both failed with same error. So this error is not related to this bug change. Something else changed perhaps in testcase or test environment.

5. tracker passes on a re-run

6. nplan passes on a re-run

Conclusion: Hopefully above explanations result in regressions having been resolved so util-linux in artful can be promoted.