Comment 5 for bug 361032

Stinger (e-mindahl) wrote :

I second Michaels oppinion.

And thinking about it , the reason I filed the bugreport was that I could not understand why Ubuntu's own Usb-Creator didn't support the UNR .img format.
A Usb-Creator tool that couldn't create an Usb-stick from the distributions own image files ??
That must be some kinda bug or at least a wish for improvement in the Usb-Creator.

To get these UNR images on a stick Ubuntu choses a different tool, the Ubuntu Image writer, wich as far as I know only supports .img image files.

I think Ubuntu users only need one tool to write an image to an Usb-stick and at the moment I think Usb-Creator is the best solution.
Why not merge these tools into one ?

Please reopen this Bug !

Removed " Duplicate of bug 347678 " as requested by Michael.