Comment 3 for bug 1321627

Not necessarily.

The saved-states file is only necessary for persistence across reboots. That it's not always 100% up to date is irrelevant, because you'll also should have UI available to toggle this. Writing on shutdown is sufficient for this purpose. I'm not against writing more often, but it just isn't critical.

There's always the possibility that it takes time to offline or online the modem. If you toggle it and immediately stop urfkill, that would explain the discrepancy. It currently writes the actual, checked and proven state of the modem(s) to file rather than what urfkill believes it should be, since things could happen to the modem outside of urfkill.

Could you do the testing and let me know how the number of modems affect delays?

Setting to triaged, this needs a bit of thought about how we can accomodate multiple modems and the delays that can ensue.