Comment 3 for bug 501715

This is insidious. I was wondering where 500MB of my memory went, and ps, top, etc, didn't report who stole it. I upgraded some packages to make sure it wasn't a memory leak and rebooted.

Unfortunately the package upgrade either invalidated the ureadahead pack, or reset it or something, because after a fresh reboot with just GDM running, free looked like this:

             total used free shared buffers cached
Mem: 2016984 761844 1255110 0 988 144416
-/+ buffers/cache: 607580 1409404
Swap: 2104472 0 2104472

Upgrading to Karmic proposed packages did *not* fix this. Rebooting twice in a row without logging in, did. Now I guess Ubuntu is worse than Windows in this respect, since it takes *two* consecutive reboots to fix a problematic system instead of one. I'm tempted to just remove ureadahead and call it a day.