Comment 7 for bug 933566

Steve Langasek wrote:
> Conceptually, I think there's no reason not to use
> post-stop since the post-stop script is run before
> the stopped event is emitted, so I'll go ahead with
> committing this fix [...]

Using post-stop has the consequence that any error during the resolvconf update run in the upstart job causes resolvconf updates to be disabled. That is undesirable IMHO. Using pre-stop does not have this consequence.

But we can't use pre-stop until Upstart is changed so that it actually runs pre-stop. Ideally we'd just fix Upstart and not change the resolvconf Upstart job definition. How fast can we get Upstart fixed?

If we can't get Upstart fixed in an acceptable time frame then I'd propose a different workaround. Create a resolvconf-stop Upstart job that *starts* on runlevel [06] and that disables updates in its pre-start.