Comment 3 for bug 72058

i was just about to submit a similar bug, so i'll just augment this one. given that upstart is now completely central to the operation of the system, the documentation really needs to be more complete.

in particular:

* in addition to the above inittab(5) man page (which is not for "initctl", as its name implies :-), both it and the existing init(8) stub should also point at /usr/share/docs/README.debian (or perhaps the same content under a different name -- one that doesn't need decompressing in order to read it).

* there should be an upstart(8) man page, which fully documents the format
of the event.d entries. i couldn't find a definitive document on the system or on the wiki (and it should be on the system).

* initctl(8) needs to fully explain the output of "initctl list"