Comment 24 for bug 557177


You guys need to chill out ;-)

I'm sorry that you got confused that moving the bug from "upstart (Ubuntu)" to just "upstart" involved marking it as _Invalid_ and opening a new task; I think that's one of Launchpad's more idiotic design flaws too.

I'm also sorry that I receive literally hundreds (sometimes over a thousand) of bug comments a day that I have to deal with, so am often a little bit terse in replying - I have to maintain just about every line of code between the Ubuntu kernel and the X server and basically the entire boot system, and that includes all the bugs. I just don't have the time to post detailed responses detailing my every thought process!

Rather than ask Mark to personally intervene, perhaps you could ask him to hire more people to help me out? :-)

Anyway, as should be obvious here if you take a Valium first, I think that this is something Upstart should deal with itself - it should make it possible to write tasks and services without needed hundreds of lines of identical sanity checks in the script for every single one. One of my goals is to make it so that the Upstart job format means you only ever need specify the "meat" of what you want done, not all of the associated crap that init scripts used to have.

This functionality is "Wishlist", but please don't confuse that with "Low priority". Wishlist to me means that it's a feature that Upstart doesn't support but should, rather than a broken existing feature. (I close wishlist bugs that I disagree with)

Also please credit me with some intelligence here, I know that this has been linked from Planet Debian so I should expect flaming idiocy, but I don't think I have the merit and reputation that I have within Ubuntu from sitting with a thumb up my arse rather than working to improve the distribution.

A workaround for mountall was committed *yesterday* before any of you ever heard about this: - this sets a default value for $MOUNTPOINT and thus removes the "surprising" side-effect for these scripts.

Now, there's rather a lot of toys on the floor here, if people could pick them up and put them back in their prams I'd appreciate that - it looks untidy!