Comment 10 for bug 451917

0.6.5 2010-02-04 "Our last, best hope for victory"

 * Since libnih has been separated out into its own project, Upstart
   no longer includes its source and now uses the installed version by

 * The external nih-dbus-tool means that cross-compilation is trivial,
   the path to it may be overriden with NIH_DBUS_TOOL=... as an
   argument to configure. (Bug: #426740)

 * Developers may still build against a local libnih source tree by
   passing --with-local-libnih=/path/to/libnih to configure.

 * There is a new initctl "reload" command, with matching
   /sbin/reload symlink. This sends the SIGHUP signal to the running
   main process of the named job instance.

 * Event operator matches in jobs now support "!=" in addition to the
   usual "=", e.g.:

  start on net-device-added INTERFACE!=eth*

   (Bug: #513035)

 * Moved D-Bus system bus reconnection trigger from SIGHUP to SIGUSR1,
   since SIGHUP is already used for a forced configuration reload and
   causes Upstart to "forget" state.

 * Fixed bug where the default runlevel would be lost when an
   /etc/inittab file exists without an initdefault line. (Bug: #405847)

 * Fixed "Unhandled error" message from shutdown. (Bug: #426332)

 * Fixed "Unhandled error" assertion crash from Upstart child
   processes when failing to spawn a job. (Bug: #451917)

 * No longer holds /dev/console open, so the SAK SysRq key will not
   kill Upstart. (Bug: #486005)

 * Restored sync() call before reboot().

 * Added missing OPTIONS section to init(8) manpage. (Bug: #449883)