Comment 39 for bug 1269731

On Sat, Apr 05, 2014 at 09:04:47PM -0000, David Oftedal wrote:
> Ah! One thing, though:

> Perhaps an updated version of upstart should actually be released for
> version 13.10? Seeing as this bug might affect a lot of people trying to
> upgrade.

The point is that the bug report you're following up to is for a bug that
was only introduced *after* the 13.10 release. So any crash you saw
upgrading from 13.10 is a different issue, which is why we need a different
bug report.

What made you think that this bug was the same crash you encountered?

A crash of upstart on Ubuntu should leave a file in /var/crash/ named
_sbin_init.0.crash. Do you have such a file on your system?