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Curtis Bangert (codecae) wrote :

I had this issue with my logical filesystems after upgrading to 12.04 as well... fsck was mysteriously skipping filesystems at boot.

I fixed it by making sure each entry in /etc/fstab had the option 'errors=remount-ro', executed 'touch /forcefsck', and rebooted... To my delight, fsck ran and updated the mount count and last check dates.

Unfortunately, however, after logging in I still had the notification that the filesystems would be checked at reboot. I manually rm'd /var/lib/update-notifier/fsck-at-reboot and logged out and back in again. The file was regenerated by the script, only this time, without any notifications.

Given the nature of this oversight, I'm sure I would've likely encountered it whether or not I had upgraded to 12.04... likely a coincidence.