Comment 85 for bug 332945

Vincenzo Ciancia wrote:
> I see your point, but we all know from years of experience that
> pop-ups and pop-unders are only considered an annoyance by users, and
> that they don't fit for the purpose. That's why most of us were proud
> of the gnome way: to avoid as many pop-ups as possible. This gave
> ubuntu a "rock solid, unannoying" feeling that made it extremely
> competitive on usability over windows.
> We all are complaining because we feel that pop-under or whaterer are
> just wrong, and we want ubuntu to be perfect :)

And I see your point! We've been focused on the idea that the action
itself should be immediately accessible to the user (rather than a
notification followed by a clickable panel icon followed by the action
:-)). But the windows itself could be minimised. Let's explore that. I
think it may be too late for Jaunty but I'll see what we can do.

MPT, can you see any issues with having the window start minimised?
That's consistent with our longer-term plans for elegant
calling-for-attention. If you think it's workable, would you raise it
with MVO and see if it's a one-liner or close to it for Jaunty?