Comment 71 for bug 332945

I just did a update and upgrade using apt-get. After the upgrade, I got two notification, one for Firefox needs to be restarted and click here for more information, and another for you need to restart you system and click here for more information.

Now two questions and are these bugs:
1) I thought notifications are not click-able. So why does it say click me for more information. Also they disappear within few seconds. I didn't even get to finish reading all the info in both before they were gone. Good think I knew what they were. Is there preferences to set how long to keep the notifications up before closing it? I can see this being issue if you get few notifications together and can't read all of them in whatever the time is now.

2) I thought you said:

> Date: Fri, 27 Mar 2009 19:29:34 +0000
> From: <email address hidden>
> Subject: [Bug 332945] Re: [Jaunty] Removal of Update Notifier is WRONG
> ....
> Back to the notification area. If we're going to clean up the panel and
> the notification area, we should start with the system pieces. Those
> include the restart-required icon, and the updates-available icon. So
> those are gone in 9.04. .....

But I got both Firefox needs restart icon and restart required icon. Is this another bug? If it is, then will the dialog, which is shows the information when user clicks the notification or icon, be opened like updates-available dialog when the notifications are shown?