Comment 70 for bug 332945

Op vrijdag 27-03-2009 om 19:29 uur [tijdzone +0000], schreef Mark
> Back to the notification area. If we're going to clean up the panel and
> the notification area, we should start with the system pieces. Those
> include the restart-required icon, and the updates-available icon. So
> those are gone in 9.04. There are ways for experts to have that
> functionality if they want it.

I suggest that even if a user chooses to see the icons instead of the
popup/popunder, that if he/she didn't install security updates after 3
days, the popup/popunder should still happen. That way you can make
sure that the wannabe experts that follow all those 'how to "fix"
ubuntu' blogs & websites will still install security updates...

Jan Claeys