Comment 458 for bug 332945

On Wed, 2009-11-18 at 13:13 +0000, Paulo J. S. Silva wrote:
> OK Leandro,
> I just sent an email to Ayatana list with your mockup and presenting
> the argument on the possible security flaw. Let us see how it goes.
> However, I would not be very hopeful, it seems like people in
> Canonical are convinced that the new behavior is good.

People can get emotionally attached to an expended time and effort (with
the alternative being to throw the result away and feel like your time
has been wasted) and start to put up blinders to the real issues.

This is similar to the phenomenon that allows projects to run 10-fold
over time and budget. At every progress report on the overage, the team
is convinced that they only need [insert small amount here] more to
complete the project. Then, the more management invests in a project
the more likely they are going to continue to throw good money after bad
to finally see it through rather than cutting bait early on in the

After-all, who wants to say "we blew $$$$ and have nothing to show for
it" rather than continuing the fantasy of eventually having something,
even though it cost you 10 or 20x your original budget.

Hopefully this is not what is happening here.