Comment 414 for bug 332945

Loïc Martin (loic-martin3) wrote :

mac_v wrote:
> The notification area icon is *not* returning...

That's not true. The notification area icon is probably not returning for the next release of Ubuntu, but in 2 or 3 years time, when "everybody" will have forgotten, there's nothing to prevent it to be reintroduced as a groundbreaking "new" feature in Ubuntu. It just needs the "designer" to change his mind (unless the idea to "test" it in Jaunty was just for show, and the "designer" actually only care to get his feature implemented), or just move on to another job. It might take more time, maybe 5 to 10 years, but saying it will not return is a bit far-fetched.

And saying that saving 20x20 pixel (the notification area icon) is an issue only to waste far more space on the bottom panel (Window List) and on the desktop is certainly a design issue that needs to be rethought. Since it doesn't use the notification icon, the new behavior actually has to use the Windows List AND the desktop as huge notification areas - they're not designed for this task, and misusing desktop features is certainly a bigger design issue.