Comment 392 for bug 332945

I am for automatic updates for security problems only be default. This is a sane default, that would suit most users. Of course there are specific uses (like a slow connection or high fees on downloads already cited) that would not like such behavior. However, this setting can be changed from the update-manager easily at install.

As for the pop-up. I still think that the best solution that preserves the will to clean up the notification area is to use the indicator applet to queue the update notifications (instead of using the pop-ups, pop-unders). Something along the lines described by C Cooke in comment #345 ( That idea plus a new icon for the indicator-applet when critical updates are available (like a red triangle with a exclamation mark in the middle) would be a very good start for me. If someone thinks that the user would disregard the warning icon, maybe use the idea of showing notifications at defined time intervals (every couple of hours for security updates or every login for normal updates) should do the trick. If the users wants to disregards such constants notifications then he/she will do the same with the pop-up/under.

Oh, and probably the default icon for the indicator applet should change too, now it is a mail envelope because it is being used only for email notifications and chat requests, a more neutral icon would be nice (for example the application icon with a silver circle and the letter i in the middle).

I am planning to send a message to the ayatana project with this proposal soon. As someone already said, there is the right place to discuss this "bug".