Comment 390 for bug 332945

I'm totally against automatic updates as well. My house internet connection is too
slow to handle any download and be usable for anything else at the same time.
This happens many times with me.... on Windows. Furthermore, as was mentioned,
sometimes an update requires the program to restart and in the meanwhile the
program becomes useless. If someone is doing something critical and that
happens, it would be a disaster.

In my opinion automatic updates are worst than the popup.

About the popup, I think if the developers think they need the popup, so be it.
But please leave us the option of not having it. And for that I mean, at least,
that one could simply turn off automatic update checking. For the moment
this is not possible, I've tried and a popup appears saying "you need to
manually check for updates!". The only way to disable all popups is to
uncheck all types of updates (security, recommended...) at the update manger.
This has solved the problem for me, but now in my desktop I'm in a more
laborious situation for updating than in the servers, in which no update
is automatically applied but I do it when I want whithout having to
reset update preferences every time. Anyway, I think this popup will have
the effect of people updating less their software, and having the habit
of disabling the updates the first thing on installing Ubuntu, at least I had
to do that in all machines I install for other people, but probably the
developers have a more well studied scenario. I hope this is not a
security-freek idea only.