Comment 372 for bug 332945

MPT: Oh, goodie! Looks like we have a winner here. I'll be voting that idea up.... I hope it's implemented soon, it's exactly what I was thinking about!

May I ask what the end result of the notification area is, then? It seems like the goal is ultimately to completely remove the notification area. What would you do with "dockable" programs like Thunderbird or Pidgin, then? Where would I send them?

Also, at this point in time, it seems that you guys are set on never looking back into putting the notifications into the notification bar. I would like to plead on my knees that something be done with the in-your-face pop-up, pop-under, evasive, invisible, or-whatever-is-being-boiled-next method that ultimately invades and annoys the users and also does less of a good job of notifying. Never have I had a window that I couldn't minimize in Ubuntu, and I'm always thankful of that when I have to use this Windows machine to connect to dial-up. Please, for the love of everything good and green, do not decide that the computer knows what windows should and should not be minimized. Vincenzo Ciancia put it well when he said "Really, I am in front
of my beloved Ubuntu but I hate a part of it."

That said, perhaps the end result of this cleaning may very well be for the better of GNOME. I very vehemently disagree with this removal, but perhaps there will be some better method that would be very friendly to all. At the present, though, it's pretty much decided that it is not.