Comment 367 for bug 332945

Chauncellor: Ayatana is about cross-application design for Ubuntu in general, not just notifications. There is no plan for it ever to be "finished". On cleaning up Preferences/Administration, I entirely agree: if you can help out, <> and <> are complementary approaches.

Brian Burger: It's a fallacy to suggest that because something has been labelled the "notification area" it is necessarily good at presenting notifications. Our position is that it is not -- that Microsoft got it wrong in designing it, and Gnome got it wrong in copying Microsoft.

mac_v: We think we have good reasons for not allowing actions in notifications <>. Those reasons apply just as much to system software as they do to applications, so it wouldn't really make sense for system software to use a different notification system.

Leandro: See my 2009-04-02 comment.

yurx cherio: People had already been trying to find an effective icon for years, from one that looked like a cigarette packet (Ubuntu 5.04) to a red pinwheel (5.10) to an orange square (6.06, 6.10, 7.04, 7.10) to an SD card with a halo (Windows Vista) to a starburst (Ubuntu 8.04 and 8.10).

Ricardo Pérez López: Ubuntu One's notification icon is bug 362561.

braddock: The updates window is not a modal dialog.

Toralv: Unlike Facebook, Ubuntu is Free Software. It has thousands of unconfigurable behaviors, but you are welcome to change any of them (or even make any of them user-configurable) in your own variation.