Comment 359 for bug 332945

braddock speaks the truth in my head. Windows is the victim of a swamped up notification area, not Ubuntu. Look at any Windows machine I have touched, and you'll find "msconfig" in the last RUN box entry because I'm constantly battling all those damned startup applications that just clog, clog, clog Windows.

Under Ubuntu, the ONLY program I have ever had to disable on startup is Empathy. And I think they fixed that in the newest versions. My notification area is clean, and I use it a lot. My Ubuntu machine has been connectionless for three weeks now, and I have a warning icon in the tray telling me that my sources are outdated. I, being as anal as anyone when it comes to the notification try in Windows, DO NOT CARE ABOUT IT! It does not clog up my area! I constantly send my audio tools to the tray with alltray, and even with all those, at the max I'll have maybe five or six items! That's not clogged, that's _what the tray is for_.

This is an excursion that Microsoft should be looking into, not Canonical. It's wasting resources that could be better used elsewhere. Want to clean up a swamp? Clean up the Preferences/Adminstration folders - Fedora did that years ago. Clean up the Sound/Video section of Applications. But the notification area is fine the way it is! Want to know the first thing I did when I installed Jaunty? I right clicked on the indicator-applet and selected "remove from panel". Productivity boosted 25 percent for me when I did. I couldn't stand using the thing, it was so useless. Again, oversimplification. Why don't we get rid of "Window List"? All those windows we have open, surely they're swamping up the panels.... We could just have the different windows focus after a certain period of time! That would solve lots of problems, neh?