Comment 342 for bug 332945

Yes. I remember reading Mr. Shuttleworth speaking of possibly removing one of the two panels sometime. I'm all for simplicity, but there is such a thing as OVER-simplicity. I believe Mac is the perfect example of that. The OS is designed to be SO simple and SO clean that navigating it is a huge headache. I remember before the dock existed on previous MacOS versions and how painful it was to find one out of five windows. Now, even with the dock I find it difficult to navigate as you can only access a window if it is minimized first. the only way to reliably choose what window you want focused is to use exposé, which can make things REALLY confusing if you have more than ten windows. Also, one mouse button! It's too oversimplified! If we start purging everything, then there won't be anything left to work with. If anything needs to be cleaned up, it's the System/Administration folders. They don't make any sense.