Comment 326 for bug 332945

Uwe Schilling wrote:
> My two cents: why not use the title bar of each window for notifications. There, they could
> be a form of a permanent notification, you can have scrolling text to really let the user
> know what the notification is all about and it something is moving up there it will definitely
> be noticed.

You mean if I have three windows open, I'll have three constant tickers scrolling across my screen? Oh god, no.

Usability tests have shown time and again that -- except in very specific applications, such as stock reports -- users completely ignore tickers. Usability tests on web pages actually show that as users grow more experienced, they begin to ignore *anything* that's constantly in motion, such as Flash ads and, yes, tickers. Furthermore, any kind of "dancing bear" is incredibly annoying and distracting.