Comment 313 for bug 332945

Matthew Paul Thomas wrote:

> mac_v, James Iry: There is already a mechanism for windows to request
> attention, and the updates window uses it whenever it opens
> automatically. Maybe that mechanism needs a more prominent presentation,
> but that should really be a separate discussion.

actually i dont use the second panel for window list, i just have 1 menu
 panel and 1 cairo dock for the windows list, and *i have never noticed
the window request attention * ,
 also there are several user who have the panels set to auto hide, which
also makes its difficult to notice the blinking of the windows list.

i was talking about the window requesting attention , because there was
no other form of notification ! which is again for this BUG

common matthew , u say that the system aint perfect but u dont even
consider other suggestions for some form of notification,[i say this
since the bug has been set to the NULL project rather than UNDECIDED]
 there needs to be some notification that a window is being
popped-up,that is the minimum effort the system can take to show that it
is a legit system process than any malicious code,not even the
notify-osd shows the availability of updates!
 i suppose hooking the updates with a notify-osd bubble aint that
difficult ...
* no way can there be any good explanation for making a window pop-up
unannounced in the background *