Comment 303 for bug 332945

Peter Whittaker wrote:
> Watching a full screen video, for example.
i dont think that full screen video/any video are a problem, since
gnome-screen saver recognizes when videos are playing, something similar
 probably could be worked in for detection.
but the real problem will be with flash firefox videos, gnome-screen
saver doesnt recognize them yet.! but even then,it wont be a bother as
much as the screensaver taking up the whole screen!
> Not even, then, I would think, unless and until those doing the design
> and coding come to believe that another approach is required.
i think they DO realize that the present method isnt perfect[well thats
what Matthew accepts], they just havent realized a better solution...

why dont u mock up something for the UDS / ayatana discussions? maybe
people might agree this time.
> Do you mean have a button on the semi-transparent notify widget "Do
> Action A"? If so, yes, I agree. There should likely be three: "Do Action
> A", "Dismiss" (notification never returns), "Snooze" (notification
> returns sometime later; a default time could be displayed).

yeah, in the notify-osd wiki, it says no action buttons allowed,and that
in cases where actions buttons are to be used, fall back alerts are to
be used, WHY?
that is a good looking notification system, why not use it with color
coding to notify important stuff like, updates?
that is one of the reasons update notifier cannot be done with notify-osd...