Comment 297 for bug 332945

there is a problem with this system, there is no notification of the updates window being popped up, that is what is the surprise of finding a new window that has popped up...

if pop up is going to be maintained, then the bare minimum would be to the notify-osd repeatedly show a notification until the window is noticed, other it is a surprise attack of a new window, * the new window appearance needs to be notified * ,

* the notify osd could be made to repeat itself every x mins* until either the minimized window is noticed or until updates are installed [ *until the updates are installed would be a better option * ], this would be the bare minimum form of a persistent notification for updates, atleast this would make the window a part of a legitimate system process, rather than a malicious code/window.

this change to the notify-osd should be an easy solution for this problem, right , or will getting update-notifier to use notify-osd be difficult too ?