Comment 292 for bug 332945

One of the big reasons why I recently 'permanently' abandoned Windows all together is because Windows frequently believes it knows better, than I do what I should focus my attention on. Popunder, in my opinion, is a move in that direction. Lack of persistent notification simply creates an opportunity to forget/miss an update when I can/want to make a choice to focus on maintenance tasks.

I want the option of disabling the new behaviors and restoring the perfectly adequate Intrepid ones. A supported option, that should be clearly visible in the update manager settings. In terms of continuity of user experience and following the principle of least surprise, I think the options to select desired behaviors with the old ones being the default for upgraders should have been implemented instead of the current choice.

The above is to provide the details and motivations only; I made my choice known at

and suggest the same for everyone.