Comment 286 for bug 332945

With logic like John Clemens writes above I can't believe MPT is arguing some of the points that are being argued.

I'm beginning to think this is just a really long lasting aprils fools joke. The points MPT is making are so fundamentally flawed it can't be anything but that.

Are you really advocating coding Ubuntu to the lowest common denominator? How is aggravating a user EVER a good thing?

Machines in production environments get updated when the admins say they get updated and after testing. Why should we have to put up with windows popping up constantly to nag us. How can that even be remotely defended? My first couple of posts to this thread I was certain I was missing some logic on why this change was made or something was incomplete with the functionality but the more I have learned, this popup/under issue is intended to remain once its at final form. The more I learn on this, the more upset/confused with the decision I get, I just can't even comprehend the points that MPT is trying to argue to support this. I think I've made my last post on this one.

But PLEASE... devs take user feedback on this. Yes, this site is going to be biased to those who don't like something, but how many design decisions have brought this level of negative feedback on launchpad? How many design decisions/changes in the past actually appear to the user as a bug? And again... unsolicited popups/popunders can never be justified except for critical notifications where interrupting the user is unavoidable.