Comment 274 for bug 332945

adorable hm well i guess so, almost as adorable as defending an idea the majority of people clearly does not want and still pushing it through because of an attitude that smells "i know better then you all", therefore the spanking.

My Mother and my grandmother use Ubuntu (well i forced em too) and they had *no problem* at all seeing the 8.10 icon, clicking it and installing updates. The first time they read the mouseover popup and knew "updates available" then they press a button and know "updates are coming" -> all is fine, or was.

With the new behavior, i dont know about my grandmother but my mother called me and asked if she had a virus, not because of the change in the system but because the windows opened automatically. No one likes automatically opening windows, its simply not the way it should work. We are used to and trained to see automatically opening windows as malware and for good reason.

As a poster before me said, there are people with more than 20 Windows open and more than one Desktop. With the update-manager window opening it can get lost on a desktop or between windows. You can simply close it because you were not paying attention, which most of us are not. With the icon in the systray you can see it on every desktop, clicking it when you feel like it, not have an unwanted window open.
I often leave my computer running when i am at the university or go to a friends, because i can ssh in, or listen to my music look at my documents or simple because i am lazy and don't want to turn it of.
When the update window pops up when i am not around and i come home 10hours later, i do not remember which windows i had open, i see updatemanager and close it, thinking i didn't close it after last update.
With the Icon i come home and see the familiar "there are updates icon" in the systray.

Furthermore i want the updates when they are available not 1 week afterwards.

Change it back to 8.10 style, its what the community wants, you can do it your way on your own system and implement an option to do it that way for everyone but the more secure the more accepted and more wanted way is the old behaviour. See all the posts here, see the forum posts, the people simply don't want it. Don't push your own agenda, listen to what people want, after all thats the Ubuntu spirit right? "I know it all better than the rest of you guys" people don't really carry the Ubuntu spirit IMHO.

Yes i know, i am adorable, deal with it.