Comment 269 for bug 332945

Self appointed "benevolent" dictator for life ;)

Torben wrote:
> It is sad to see, but I think this will not be the last big
> dissapointment. Sure you can't satisfy all users at any time, but what
> is claimed to be "leadership" here is the kind of spirit I wouldn't
> expect from a linux distribution called "Ubuntu". The next big hit will
> probably be the replacement of Rhythmbox through Banshee (Mono) for
> Karmic, I bet there won't be a lot of public discussions around, they
> will just do it like they brought that notify-madness in. Don't get me
> wrong here, I don't want to open another Mono discussion here, it is
> just that Ubuntu shouldn't ignore and disregard big parts of it's user
> base on topics people have strong feelings about. This regression and
> how (late) it came silently to Jaunty made a lot of people feel like
> noone here cares about the community, leadership more like dictatorship.