Comment 203 for bug 332945

I have to add my vote here, because this is a big thing for me. Pop-up/under windows are something we were fighting with until 2-3 years ago - please don't bring them back in any form.
I'm not sure what the notification overload problem is about. There are exactly 3 "permanent" notification on my desktop - IM, music player, battery + some temporary ones like updates. These things just belong there. There's no other place for them and now devs are suggesting getting rid of those icons. Is there a better way to show them? If yes, then why isn't it introduced *before* update notification icon is removed. I'm not sure who wants a full window for those apps (especially battery status).
Current change is just wrong and not customisable (you can tell people that gconf == customisable all you want, but first you will have to tell them what gconf does and how to use it). How many people have to mark this regression as "affects me too" before the change gets reverted?
Poping up update notifier is bad (as explained many times above), because users don't expect it, will not notice it and will close the window to remove the annoyance.

Yeah... affects me too.