Comment 174 for bug 332945

Il giorno gio, 09/04/2009 alle 07.38 +0000, Mark Shuttleworth ha
> My point is that we should have clear guidelines about what
> constitutes
> each mode of operation, and we should follow those as rigorously with
> the OS as we would hope apps do, as well.

I dreamed of clear guidelines for the notification area for a long time.
I have strong arguments in favour of modification to the behaviour
chosen for jaunty; anyway I appreciate the fact that the window will be

I would be happy if a bit more discussion, with use cases, and maybe
numbers, would be done for jaunty+1, including the community. Not all of
us have the time to try to become a developer, but all of us are very
fond of our distribution and would like to see it in perfect shape.

What would be the place to participate in the design of the
notification-area related changes?