Comment 170 for bug 332945

I'd like to offer a hopefully useful and constructive suggestion moving forward.

I'm assuming Canonical keeps stats on time to patch and percentage up-to-date machines (maybe this too hard with mirrors - would users accept a "phone home" to help out?).

I think it would be great to see if the new method improves the overall uptake of updates by the community at large using actual numbers rather than opinions of either side.

I think a graph showing these stats for intrepid vs. jaunty (and maybe an LTS or two).

Also I understand how difficult it is to implement new features and get sufficient feedback for a 6 month release cycle, but perhaps early Alphas of Karmic would be a great place to experiment and get early feedback on changes from this passionate group, all of which clearly want Ubuntu to be the best OS possible. Maybe there could be a "prototype of the week" for the first month or so and gather feedback in time to tune for the release.