Comment 158 for bug 332945

I've updated with my (very long) comments from this report and have added text to answer some of Matthew's questions and observations.

The wiki post has a few differences from the bug report, mostly because my thinking got a little clearer: There are three zones (make the computer do something; what I'm actively doing; other things I'm doing or interested in) and two notification types (persistent system notifications appearing near the 'make the computer do something' zone, where the computer needs my help; ephemeral user notifications appearing near the 'other things' zone, where the computer tells about stuff I want to know about, like emails, IMs, etc.).

The two notification types are firealarms and doorbells. Users can ignore or even disable doorbells, but firealarms are harder to ignore and only an admin can remove them.

That's it in a nutshell, refer to the wiki page for details.