Comment 139 for bug 332945

2009/4/8 mac_v <email address hidden>:
> 1] seems to  be a deliberate move... OK .. thts understood
> 2] & 3]not obvious???gratuitously difficult.????????? ARE U KIDDING????????

Lets keep this calm and adult shall we.

> the reasons we have road signs as symbols rather than instructions is
> since they are more obvious!!!just like icons over windows with text!

I don't know about your region, but where I come from road signs are
rarely 24 pixels high!

In addition in the UK we have a book full of them called the "Highway
Code" which is a lookup table of signs and their meanings, with a
couple of tests before you are allowed to drive alone. On the desktop
we don't have such a test, people can download and install Ubuntu with
nothing more than a CD or a web link.

The update notifier icon is an orange splodge or red arrow that has no
metaphor. The battery icon looks like a battery, the network icons now
look a bit like network signal on the now ubiquitous cell phone, the
bluetooth icon is indeed a bluetooth icon.

The update-notifier icon only means something once someone tells you
what it is.

> OK seems that this battle is not going to be won by the users!

This isn't a battle. It's a bug report.